“HornBot”: GPS-based sculpture with sculptor Dana Raymond, professor David M Rieder and PhD student Fernanda Duarte (CRDM 2016).

Exhibited in the Spring of 2014, the project was a sound installation utilizing live GPS-data transmitted from moving vehicles to an Arduino/Processing based installation that includes eight motorcycle and car horns located in the CAM/Raleigh Exhibition Gallery.

Early prototypes for this project were developed within the Advanced Media Lab at the College of Design back in late 2012 through 2013; with the finalized development made through the efforts of David M. Rieder and the resources at the CIRCUIT Research Studio within the CHASS CRDM program here at NCSU.

Utilizing open-source GPS server and Arduino mobile apps for tracking/routing; we were able to capture the gridded structure of downtown Raleigh traffic and navigation as translated through the living HornBot.

Ultimately, the eight horns in the work played sound sequences based on the recorded and captured geolocation of cars that were driven around various city grids in the South and East Coast; a live run was performed @ CAM/Raleigh based on vehicles moving through the downtown space. The piece is a contribution to an early form of locative media art from the late-Nineties known as GPS drawing; HornBot adds a sonic dimension to the drawings as well as a celebration of the horn as one of the ambivalent expressions of movement in the urban street grid.

Cover Your Ears! Testing HornBot at CAM Raleigh – Dana Raymond; Opening Celebration February 6, 2014; 2012-2013 NC Arts Council Visual Artist, Craft Artist, and Film/Video Artist Fellowships
Jan 31, 2014 — April 27, 2014;