Teaching, Co-Teaching and Facilitation

ID582 – Make/Believe, Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (w/H.Christian Hölljes)
ADN411 – Dynamic Data: Techniques for Visualizing and Mapping Design Research (w/Tania Allen)
ADN419 – Experimental Multimedia; Immersive Animation & Interaction Design (w/Pat FitzGerald)
ADN460 – Multimedia and Advanced Digital Imaging Studio (w/Pat FitzGerald, Emil Polyak)
ADN592 – Adv. Animation Studio for Graduate Students (w/Pat FitzGerald, Emil Polyak, Tania Allen)
ADN460 – Game Design Studio/Coding for Animation (w/Emil Polyak)
ADN460 – Multimedia and Immersive Media (AR/VR/XR)  (w/Pat FitzGerald)
ADN 560 – Advanced Animation Studio (w/Pat FitzGerald, Russell Flinchum)
ADN 560 – Studio 1, Immersive and Experimental Narratives (w/Tania Allen)
ADN Senior Seminar; Professional Practice, Lecturer (w/Kathleen Rieder)
CODE | UX Studio, Professional Practice Studio, Lecturer (w/Carol Fountain Nix)
Duke 3D Print Camp – TiP/Continuing Studies, Summer Session (w/David Bryan, Jerry Yale)

Technology Advisor to students participating in Independent Study: Art + Design and Industrial Design.  Projects included senior/graduate level design students researching UX/UI for Design (Sponsored by Deutsche Bank), 3D printing/fabrication in toy design & new materials for exploration in shoe design manufacturing.

Mentor, guide and provide support for members of the academic disciplines, and advocate for the needs of the creative design teams with other groups within the organization.

Manage the design and development of learning solutions using a blended approach which includes instructor-led, web-based, self-paced, coaching/practice settings and informal paths to learning.