3D Modeling and Sculpting

Digital fabrication is just an amazing process to participate in… one is able to quickly design something, digitally fabricate and put into production as a 3D printed artifact that can be used for education, entertainment and/or enjoyment.

I have a built up quite a range of 3D models and sculpts that include items from tabletop gaming models, prosthetic designs, product designs and household goods. I’m usually using moving between a variety of software that includes zBrush, Rhino, Maya, Fusion360, SolidWorks, Meshlab, Meshmixer, and Nettfab Pro. Experience utilizing NextEngine 3D scanning as well as Agisoft Metashape has allowed me to bring in and integrate existing real-world objects and environments into existing models and prototypes.

One of my personal guilty pleasures is miniature tabletop wargaming (Flames of War, Frostgrave, Warhammer 40k and Achtung! Cthulhu) – 3D printing miniatures and terrain elements makes the gaming experience that much more immersive and makes for great personal satisfaction to see something I dreamed up, sculpted and painted to a decent tabletop quality for friends and family to play with on the gaming table for a weeknight or weekend of adventuring.

You can find a lot of my personally created items as well as kit-bashed sculpts on: Thingiverse.com and MyMiniFactory.com.

Prosthetic Device; Customized fabrication, Client modifications/updates – printed using Hubs

Floating LED Photo Frame – Thingiverse

Tensegrity Toppers; STEM/STEAM Curriculum – Thingiverse

Fit to be Tied; 3D Photogrammetric Scan and Model – MyMinifactory/Thingiverse.

Warhammer Quest Gates/Doors – Thingiverse

Apocalypse Teleporter Device for IronPainter 2016 – Thingiverse