The Exploris Museum, Image and Experience


Developed a risk management analysis and a marketing strategy plan as part of complete case study for future expansion, financial analysis and image/visibility/positioning concerns. A collaborative effort between the NCSU, College of Management and Exploris Museum.

Recommendations include:

  • address the “Museum Experience” at consumer level and ‘living memory’ of the user
  • refine/redefine the museum retail and on-line stores
  • develop rich media applets to enhance the online web experience
  • integrate new technology to carry over the museum experience onto the web
  • leverage social networking to engage the audience and to allow museum attendees to share learning/experience online
  • expand food court to allow for Global Cafe themed venues
  • collaborate with similar museums and services to form a joint venture
  • increase interactive kiosk stations to allow students to share their experiences i.e. link up with a digital pen pal from a sister museum in France/UK
  • introduce large scale, digital signage tied to live web data and RSS feeds
  • create augmented spaces and exhibits that allowed museum attendees to be immersed in motion video and high definition audio from around the world

Exploris Museum is an innovative, interactive museum that explores the wonders and connections of our world, and fascinates both grown-ups and kids. The core exhibits demonstrate the connections between the people of the world through culture, global trade, the environment and communications. Through programs for adults and school children, cultural performances each weekend, forums in association with community organizations and traveling exhibits, Exploris endeavors to bring the world to downtown Raleigh. Exploris Museum also features an IMAX theater.

(Update – 9/15/07)
Work is underway on the transformation into Wake County’s new Kids Museum. Created by the merger of Exploris and Playspace, the new kids museum will open on September 29, at the current Exploris location, with brand new experiences and a brand new name.