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Vibe Ad Analytics Software and Analysis

Behavioral Targeting
Serving ads to anonymous Web site visitors based in the combination of pages they have visited.

The Challenge

Accipiter’s VIBE behavioral targeting product can recognize and target anonymous visitors that meet the traits a marketer has defined, but cannot predict what behavioral targets would be successful for a particular ad. The marketer receives only positive feedback (more clicks) or no feedback.  There is no way for the marketer to know what behavioral targets would have been successful

Solution Platform

VIBE Ad Analytics is a proposed software product that uses powerful statistical algorithms based on game theory to predict what behavioral targets should correspond to an increase in the performance of advertisements.  Identify behavioral traits that are statistically likely to be associated with a higher click rate. This will increase the value of online advertising for site publishers and their advertisers, leading to higher sales for Accipiter.

“With VIBE consulting, you will deliver the right ad to the right person at the right time and you will increase the click-through rate increasing your revenues or decreasing your costs”

Accipiter Heat Map 01

Final Recommendations

The number of ways a visitor could get to clicking an ad is infinite; however, there may be some paths that are common to many visitors.

Reviewed sample model data sets and performed study models based on:

Pearson’s Correlation Equation – Computes basic statistical correlation.
ELO/Bayesian analysis – Assign relative scores in probabilistic events (such as game play)
Cluster Analysis – Graph data points and look for groupings
Bigrams (Game Theory) – Create single event pairs and correlate transitions between them

Revenue Projections, Pricing and Profitability
-  Value Based Pricing, Cost-to-Server and Competitive Environment.

Web Interface, System Architecture and GUI Data Modeling
Service Launch and Market Entry Strategy: First-In Strategy and Slow Roll Out
Positioning Strategy, SWOT Analysis, Primary and Secondary Target Markets
Branding Strategy, Segmentation & Differentiation