Latta House Foundation, Fund Raising

Latta House Foundation
July 2005

Latta House

Developed web marketing strategy and events management case study for expanding the Festival on the Lawn Music and Art Series as part of their major fund raising event for the Latta House Foundation. Collaborative effort between the Project Management team at the NCSU, College of Management and Islandting Productions.

Recommendations include:

  • website redesign and increased video posting/coverage of events
  • develop visual documentation of Latta House history as DVD documentary
  • development of online donation/pledge system
  • marketing through MySpace and other social networking websites
  • streamlining the Arts+Crafts Vendor Market

The Latta House is located on the original site of Latta University, founded in the late 1800s by Reverend Morgan Latta to educate underprivileged and orphaned children in Raleigh’s black community. Today the Latta House stands just four blocks north of the Cameron Village Shopping Center in the heart of Raleigh’s Historic Oberlin Village Community.

(Update 1/8/07)
Fire Destroys the Latta House!
The Latta House burns in an early morning fire…