Consumer Culture Garden

The Consumer Culture Garden

December 2007 – February 2008

E.A.T. Collective

Developed an interactive art installation utilizing Flash AS2, infrared camera tracking, intelligent agents and flocking routines. Working on museum design, installation fabrication and experience marketing as a unique and artistic endeavor to increase public awareness of branding, product placement and marketing.

[ New Britain Museum of American Art ]

[ Lush Life: Grand Graffiti ]

The team that comprises EAT formed in June 2004 in response to on-going debate around the subject of aesthetics of virtual environments and a localized epidemic of low-grade ennui.

[flv:/portfolio/consumerculturegarden/eat.flv 400 300]

Development for The Consumer Culture Garden began in June 2004, and continued until about a week before the opening at The North Carolina Museum of Art. The latest version is now available for viewing in the NEW/NOW exhibit at the New Britain Museum of American Art.


The process was based on the Eames design process, reflecting an iterative exploration into a wide range of solutions for every aspect of the installation.The growing sophistication of virtual environments has changed the way we communicate, work together, and entertain ourselves. New technologies allow us to tour buildings yet to be built and play games in simulated, but surprisingly realistic, environments. For the purposes of education, entertainment, communication, commerce and novelty, these media technologies can now convincingly simulate the natural world.