Design Expo Raleigh – DXR.07

Design Expo Raleigh 2007 – Design On
November 2007

Design Expo Raleigh 2007 - Design On

The purpose of Design Expo Raleigh ’07 is to present great design to the public and to give designers, both professionals and students, a forum to display and discuss their work. A unique showcase of applied arts coming together as a whole, Design Expo Raleigh promotes broader awareness of many different design disciplines and creates an opportunity for local designers to network with each other, students, and the public.

This two-week event combined fund raising, project management, event coordination, marketing/promotion and website integration. Design Expo is the brain-child of Donald Corey (Other Edge) and was developed in conjunction with Michael Bustin (MeldUSA), Erick Mehlman (Cline Design), Amanda Robertson (iMediaGraphics), Jessie Schaefer (Signal Design) and a host of volunteers.

Design Expo Raleigh 2007

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